OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Sunday 23 January 2022

Delta APC Battles for Leadership Supremacy Ahead of 2023 Governorship


Written by: Barry Avotu Johnson 1st               - @avotujohnson1st (09050503077)

Senator Omo Agege
Deputy Senate President

As the 2023 general elections draws closer, it will interest you to know that big wings in the political arena across the nation have started pitching their tents ahead of the game .

And delta state is in focus on this special series write up as a serving minister celebrated his birthday with some of his political team members said to have decided to build a new position inside the APC in the rich delta state against the original founding leader Olorogun Otega of the party in delta.

The Delta APC assuming leader Olorogun Otega as he's foundly called by his political admirers was speculated in the recent past to have reconcile to concede leadership control of the Delta APC to the self proclaimed new mini god and serving supreme court senator Ovie Omo Agege.

The team up between Olorogun Otega and Omo Agege have been a damaging kind of politics for the APC in delta because the Delta APC have a cracking stain since it became the leading opposition party in the state most especially when we talk about the elections in delta since 1999 because delta state is a traditional PDP state until Great Ogboru the elegant political bride now tagged as a Governorship jobber who declares to contest elections and receives funding support from the people and will refuse to spend the funds on elections activities and lockup as soon as the elections are over. 

Chief Great Ogboru
Former APC Governorship Candidate

Barrister Festus Keyamo is the minister who celebrated his birthday in Abuja with a special attendance of likeable big wings also seeking to become the number officer of Delta state come 2023.

We licked into a photographs taken at the coded political birthday where the new delta APC team needed to seat down and strategize on how to displace whosoever ahead of the elections to produce a formidable candidate that can win delta for APC.

In the picture we saw barrister Festus Keyamo himself the birthday boy standing side by side with Great Ogboru and the Director General of the National Biosafety Management Agency NBMA who have been rumored to be an Aspirant for the position of the Delta Governorship.

Standing in the photo with different game plans and strategy is what we want you to discover. 

Barrister Festus Keyamo Honorable 

Minister of State

Labour & Productivity

These men celebrate with each other when whosoever celebrates but all have their own camps working to be the APC candidate at the end of the Day.

There's a future painting that the picture with Great Ogboru, Festus Keyamo and Rufus Ebegba is saying and this is a very serious matter we must not take for granted because the tactical shotgun that these new group will bring out at the end of the day will practically displace whosoever the Olorogun Otega and Omo Agege group can ever put on the table. 

Although, the Rufus Ebegba or Great Ogboru group will tell you they only went to celebrate with a friend and brother on his birthday meanwhile we know how our politics is played and how our politicians source opportunities to hold meetings of gangups ahead of elections.

In the north we have seen wedding celebrations used as political meetings while in the south we use burial and birthday ceremonies just like the Abuja Festus, Ogboru and Ebegba escapades.

We shall keep you posted on the platform on what comes out of these Abuja political birthday meeting to dialogue the master boy style of the deputy Senate president Omo Agege and his retired leader Olorogun Otega who have refused to play politics of Integrity where you say one thing here and behind the door you are doing another.

If you ask us as media experts and people who follower politics across Nigeria, we can tell you that with what we have seen so far the only person that can stand whosoever the PDP and NYDP would be presenting at the final episode of the drama is Dr Rufus Ebegba, and the major reasons why we say this is because of the capacity, capability, integrity and dignity he carries as a person. 

He's new in the field although with so much experience in leadership.

Dr Rufus Ebegba
Director General
National Biosafety Management Agency NBMA Abuja

He plays his political trade at the center in abuja as a self made person over the years without any governor's recommendation, and been appointed as a technocrat to help Nigeria get Biosafety Management in all its ramifications which is a serious advantage to him as flagging the ticket of the APC against the PDP and the emerging youth political party NYDP if registered by INEC to participate in the election.

Although Festus Keyamo is also new in the politics of Delta state but doesn't have the capacity to put the people together as a family because the news of his public relationship with the people is going to affect him if fielded which will speak doom for the APC.

He's a rude personality and that doesn't fit in when it comes to local politics, moreover he's not available to the people.

And for the case of our political grand father Great Ogboru, he's a no go area for the APC because the rumored allegations against him by the APC members in Delta state about how he collects funds and will refuse the spend it when the election day comes is very strong.

Practically, it is clear to note that Dr Rufus Ebegba is the new bridge between the old and the young people in the delta politics because he's in-between the age bracket of the young and the old, and again he's more qualified with his level of leadership class having been a Pioneer Director General of a National Agency that is florishing over the years, with two different administrations appointing and reapporting him even with a six months chance in advance of the expiration of the appointment meaning he has done well for Nigeria, so why not present such a personality as delta APC Governorship candidate so that the party would have a better, much more qualified person to help win delta. 

Dr Rufus Ebegba plays same trade like the just elected Professor Soludo of Anambra state who won on the backdrop of been a technocrat in the financial institution over the years.

Dr Rufus can turn delta around if he can do justice in the newly created Biosafety Management Agency for Nigeria, having also chaired the African continent as chairman of the united nations Biosafety Management Agency with flying colors, helping other nations across Africa to enjoy Biosafety Management values like other civilized nations across the world.

Olorogun Otega
Conceded Delta APC Leader

If you list all the aspiring delta APC Governorship hopefuls since 2015 with names like Omo Agege, Olorogun Otega, Festus Keyamo, Great Ogboru and follow their activities in politics you will agree with us that Rufus Ebegba is best to represent the APC if it can recouncil their differences and forge ahead to be able to take power in Delta state come 2023.

Remember APC would struggle with the PDP or the NYDP in delta because most of the people in APC in delta state were once in the PDP but decamped because of the injustice minted on them over the years.

Delta state is a sole traditional PDP state but with the current crack that the PDP suffers now another party can swing in and replace them with good work as far as unity is in the front of all stockholders.

APC won't be a bad opinion as a party to replace the PDP in delta but they must come together as a family before such can happen.

Although alot of persons have said that the Delta APC will be a very hard place to build peace because it is said that  Omo Agege is in partnership with Olorogun Otega to switch positions where Olorogun Otega will run for Senate while Omo Agege will be supported to run for the Governorship come 2023 Fooling the rest of the Aspirants supporting to build the APC in delta.

This deal is not going to work because the two men have their red alert stain on them that pumps out bad a disgusting air in the public and shouldn't be allowed to happen because delta can't wait for a solid leadership come 2023 that would help rebuild the state for good.

APC will lose again if either Omo Agege or Olorogun Otega as fielded.

The time to field quality personalities to contest is now and we must take this into positive consideration.

One man can't take everything to himself.

Politics is about the people so we must let the people lead.

The aggraved persons in the APC over the just concluded stolen congress positions are too plenty to manage and this will not help the APC find it's bearing come 2023.

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