OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Monday 24 August 2020



Written by:

Barry Avotu Johnson 1st


With the unexpected wildfire burning through the hard earned Political structures of the Urhobo Nation in delta state have continued to rise drastic disaffection amongst the natives across Delta as a state and beyond.

And this have provided as a window to witness different jobers youth and women groups running around politicians to lure them to stand as mediators to the settlement of the different groups impersonating as the true leadership of the union and also to ask them to join the Delta state 2023 political race as the tradition stands over the years.

Our dear deputy Senate President chief barrister OVIE OMO-AGEGE is one of such politician that have received so much request from these same Delta youths and women groups to run for the position of the Delta state Governor come 2023.

But notwithstanding with all the request made so far Senator Omo-agege is still mute to the public on what his political film for 2023 will look like. 

Some quarters told BTV TELEVISION NETWORK that Omo-agege is not ready to make his ambitions public until he's certain that the call is not a fake one like many others have discovered so far.

Senator Omo-agege as a politician is said to have came into the politics of Delta at a time when the politics of integrity have totally vanished from the arena and that for sure gave him the chance to in the first place win a battled mandate as a supreme court senator, like Hope Uzodima who's referred today as a supreme Court Governor. 

And coming for his second term as senator, he won with so much controversy again and the courts gave it to him again for the second time meaning that Senator Omo-agege has not gotten the capacity to win the district in a clean and clear elections wherefore the other competitors do not have to go to court.

We see three deep pits awaiting to swallow the senator if care is not taken because with the style of politics that is played in delta it is very responsive to note that the senator might hit the rock. 

The senator needs a sound political setup that can come up with a responsive political manuovering formula that can outstation whatever is coming from other political camps in the state because as at today we have heard how very credible technocrats with years of leadership experience are forstering plans to enter the race to be Delta Governor come 2023.

Some of these intellectual capacity personalities billed by rumours to run for governor in delta have a very strong contending spirit to cause a serious blockage for senator Omo-agege in this capacity and this would spile doom for Omo-agege and his agents. 

Some Delta Governorship hopefuls are listed for our elucidation as the case maybe. And some of these names here will shock you because they are green horns with so center credibility to take Delta without stress because the people have a clue of what they want after several years of voting popular candidates as governor and end up suffering all the way. 

Watch out for these two (2) people as the Delta state Governorship elections draws close. 

Dr. Rufus Eseoghene Ebegba, a Director General at the National Biosafety Management Agency NBMA. 

He has been at the federal ministry of environment as a director for so many years before becoming the pioneer director general of the agency and he's said to be doing excellently well in making sure that Nigeria embraces biosafety laws asorher nations across the world. 

He is the lead man in Africa for the United nations Biosafety Management Agency, controlling all nations in Africa.

Dr Rufus Ebegba is a responsible personality that should be seen as a quality medium for the development of Delta state because he's interested in providing empowerment and leadership grooming for Delta youth which we have seen with the Activities of his foundation over the years.

Barrister Kingsley Osiso, He is the present Delta state PDP Chairman. He has a sold followership and leadership quality that is next to none and compared with everything positive in the PDP in delta. 

He has been a good record holder as a politician and can be used in this capacity. He served as a special adviser to governor Okowa before he became the Delta state PDP Chairman. 

The senator needs to employ solid political science special advisers to honestly give him a typical pragmatic approach to finding a way out from this planned fall prepared for him by those who feel Omo-agege is not good enough to return to the senate come 2023. 

To be candid yet another pit that looks like a serious setup against the deputy Senate President is that of the control of the south south region divided in control to strong political Warlords with influence over the years like the Godswill Apkabio, Governor Wike, Rotimi Ameachi and the Adams Oshiomhole parading with so much connect and financial strength to pull off whosoever believeth to be a stombling block to achieving their set political objectives.

Senator Omo-agege as at this moment is standing alone in a new political trend that is not capable of fighting the political gods of the south south for now because his team doesn't have the financial and political influence to be partnered with to control the region. 

So therefore should be seen as a political liability for the south south region politically for now. 

Maybe in the near future we would see a much more ready political battlers in the Omo-agege camp but for the now it can not spring up a bullet to kill a common chicken in the zone. 

So for us, senator Omo-agege needs to build a fast political network that should grow into a moving train that can stand the teast of time. 

Yet another unforseen pit that might swallow up the senator come 2023 is the matter of setting up a reconciliation panel to settle the in-fighting between the up to four (4) different fictions claiming to be the legal and approved leadership of the Urhobo Progressive Union you which is the traditional native Organisation founded by the Urhobo Nation over the years to pilot the affairs of Urhobo people worldwide.

If the senator Omo-agege who is a so of the Urhobo Nation can't call his people to order to build a much more credible Organisation how then would he be able to manage the affairs of his senatorial district, Delta as a state or even as a formidable vice presidential material.

He should first over all work on finding the solution to stabilise his traditional Organisation leadership so the people can even settle down to plan a much more robotics characterised method in taking their son politically into the next level as it's expected to be, and like it's seen all over the nation.

Lastly is the pit of working a way to becoming the vice presidential candidate if his longtime friend Nasir Elrufia makes it as the presidential candidate under the APC come 2023.

This is an incredible ghost killers dream that can only come true when men such as the Lagos landlord Ahmed Bola Tinubu fails to get the party ticket to run as president of Nigeria.

For all we know and see, the Jagaban himself is not just seating down and looking like many political sides would be thinking. 

Tinubu is working very hard to capture the party and have total control of the machinery so that when the time comes for the disbursement of funds to the delegates during the party primary elections he would be able to beat even a fly who dears to obstruct the mission. 

Nigerians know that president Buhari would prefer a man like Elrufia to take over from him come 2023 if allowed to pick by himself because we can see the hand writing on the wall already.

The party is divided so far about who to fill in as president Buhari's third term agenda agents confirmed that the mission to retain Buhari for a third term in office is going to wrap off Nigeria as a nation. 

That third term mission have already been abandoned for another time and the next thing is that the movie script is under the authority of the pen on paper with the name of Nasir Elrufia as the major player called the new kid on the block with senator Omo-agege as his deputy from the south south zone. 

The calculation is that with Nasir Elrufia as the APC flagbearer the party would be requiring a south south support to win the election, thereby leaving the south east to continue to dream of the Igbo presidency without a solid regional partnership.

Senator Omo-agege has everything it takes to become the senate president in the next senate because all is set for a real change in the polity.

The senator has what it takes to be by himself, from the area of running again for the senatorial seat and slog it out at the floor of the senate to be the next senate President. 

By the time the North takes the position of the president of which we know that's their plan, so at that, the South East would be tricked to accept the position of the Vice President which is better for them at the moment, while the South South (Igbesu) would be given the opportunity to clear the Senate President position with the North Central (Middle Belt) entering as the new Deputy Senate President. 

And the North East (Hausa) will stand as the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the South West (Yoruba) taking the position of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF to balance the political equation as it's required.

And by the time this deal plays out the deal must shop for an experienced political element that has a senatorial respect to play the ball and that's where the deputy Senate President in person of Senator Ovie Omo-agege comes into action, so why should he Omo-agege run down himself as a governorship aspirant and be defeated at the end. 

The truth is bitter but we rather say it the way it is at the moment. 

The Senator Ovie Omo-agege doesn't have the influence to beat the Delta mad boys as a governorship hopeful for now. And if he dears declare with what we have found out so far it will be the end of his political dynasty. 

We hear some people in delta have a solid plan to dislodge Omo-agege from returning to the senate so he won't be close to becoming the next senate President as the case is expected, so they have to set up elements to deceive him into contesting for the Delta state Governorship position and make him fail and at the end lose everything he has built in this fee years he has been forcefully setup by our most disgusting judiciary against the people.

Moreover, Senator Omo-agege became the deputy Senate President by the chance that stronger men like Tinubu planned it so well to be so, plus with the failure that senator Godswill Apkabio who didn't return to the house as planned. 

Senator Ovie Omo-agege shouldn't hid the call of his distractors who wants to see his down fall politically so they can move their own person to the senate from the Delta central zone. 

Although politics is all about interest and when the interest subsides the players goes all out to get a total control of the game no matter what the case maybe.

The only way senator Ovie Omo-agege can fall off the plans of his political opponents is when he continues as senator in 2023 to become senate President while he can also control Delta by standing behind a much more credible and acceptable personality to become Delta Governor.

Just like what Tinubu did in Lagos when his tenor ended, he worked so hard with Babatunde Raji Fashola to retain power and with that vision up till right now and tomorrow Tinubu will surely have total control of Lagos because of that singular decision he took at that time. 

So our dear senator Ovie Omo-agege is also reasoned to do the needful so he won't fall off the creedence of power and control in delta, the house or at the centre.

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