OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Friday 31 July 2020



Written by - BARRY AVOTU JOHNSON 1ST - - 09050503077.

The Qitmeer  is donating it's currency PMEER in exchange to naira to help support citizens of Nigeria living in poverty and in displacement in Nigeria starting with a location in Sokoto state. 

The Qitmeer Network Blockchain Company with its headquarters in Dubai and branch operational base in the United states of America, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Japan, India, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Saudi Arabia made this known to the media editors in a press release in Abuja through its country station manager.


The donations from Qitmeer Network to Nigerians in Sokoto state is also a partnership with the Sokoto state Zakat & Endowment Commission (SOZECOM) and people of Sokoto state will go along way to bultress the image of elevating poverty in Nigeria in all its ramifications.

The Qitmeer Network is practically interested in moving Nigerians from the poverty line of one square meal per day instead of a three spare meals like every normal person should get.

The Co-Founder of the Qitmeer chain from the Dubai office professor Abdussalam Ismail Onagun who is also professor of Islamic Economics and finance in one of the worlds leading university in the United Arab Emirates said the Qitmeer chain has the same strength with the other high standard coins across the world and has decided to help support the people of Nigeria starting with Sokoto State to upgrade the life of the people. And this same charity donation will take place across the whole of Nigeria per time as our business calendar provides.

Prof Abdussalam said the cryptocurrency is the goldmine that is not tapped so far in Africa like it's done in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The Qitmeer Network is very very to get Nigerians out of poverty by providing them the opportunity to invest small and enjoy life the best way.

Life is changing and we should also change with it so we can be on the same page with whosoever across the world.
Nigerians have all it takes to be in top of the best coin in the cryptocurrency world that is fast becoming a way of life across the globe.


The Qitmeer Chain is moving greater and stronger everyday and with this and more, it will create employment opportunities for close to 100,000 people in Nigeria and people who will join the trading on the Qitmeer Chain platform will enjoy so much as first comers.

In the near future the Qitmeer Chain will be hosting Nigerians to town hall meetings that will allow the people enjoy a first class information transaction with Qitmeer Chain management experts that will be on ground to help interested personalities to understand the benefits and the dividends of the cryptocurrency business using the Qitmeer Chain as in transaction.

The Executive also said to participate in the transaction Nigerians are advised to join using the official Facebook page via "Qitmeer Chain" Like the Facebook page, Telegram, and participate in the Activities happening there so you can get information on the latest as it goes.

Go to Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and Instagram Social Media handles and like our page.

This is the first step to take. And you will be of this great success for Nigerians. 

The Qitmeer network managements has officially reached agreement with the Sokoto State Zakat and Waqf (Endowment) Commission to be the beneficiary of the PMEER tokens in order to support the poor and needy people in Sokoto State. 


The initiative project is going to be one of first its kind to demonstrate basically how the Blockchain and Crypto-currency could be vital in Humanitarian relief in Nigeria as a whole with a prototype system trials in Sokoto state. 

The Qitmeer network managements under the leadership of its managing Director Mr. Abdullah Han emphasized that payment of PMEER as Zakatable Asset to SOZECOM will encourage the Digital asset holders across the globe to pay their Zakat and donations through Qitmeer network and Kahf wallet.

Mr. Abdullah further explained that this initiative will be transparent in its process where Darasalam (ANT) Foundation will monitor the online transfer as well as the conversion of the PMEER tokens to Fiat Currency, which the SOZECOM will purchase bags of rice and mask and the SOZECOM will distribute the food items to the poor 
and needy people in Sokoto State.

The Qimeer network adhere that cryptocurrency is a Zakatable business asset that will assist the people during the COVID 19 and difficulty time.

The Qitmeer is the next generation public chain based on BlockDAG which is dedicated to 
serving the ecosystem of Islamic Finance, ethical finance, and socially responsible 
investment, thereby enhancing financial inclusion and creating social impact. 
It is a public network based on proof of work and Block-DAG technology, aims to enhance financial inclusion through adoption of innovations solutions.

For more information on the Qitmeer Chain please kindly visit ( 

The Sokoto State Zakat & Endowment Commission (SOZECOM)
has its official mandate from government to conduct a solid and reliable system of Zakat & Waqaf 
collection, management, distribution and investment for the benefit of the needy in the Society. 

The administration of Zakat and Sadaqat continued with successive governments in Sokoto State Government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

And for the other partners in this project we look at the Darasalam (ANT) Charitable Foundation which is incorporated in Federal Republic of Nigeria with the sole aim of maintaining and fostering charity for humanity and co-existence of Muslims and Non-Muslims within the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

The foundation is prominently involved in engaging in social welfares of humanity, social impart projects and helping under privileged people in the society. 

The Foundation is based in Kwara & Lagos States in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Qitmeer Chain cryptocurrency coin company is next to non other in terms of charity and exchange cash out in Naira only for the benefits of Nigerians.

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