OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Saturday 30 March 2024

WE ARE NOT LEAVING LABOUR PARTY ...We Are Going To Work With The NLC, TUC, Civil Society & Others To Move The Party & Nigeria Forward - PETER GREGORY OBI Maryanne Idoko-Ayo Reporting Live...



...We Are Going To Work With The NLC, TUC, Civil Society & Others To Move The Party & Nigeria Forward - PETER GREGORY OBI 

Maryanne Idoko-Ayo Reporting Live...

The Presidential candidate of the labour party in the 2023 Presidential elections in Nigeria Mr Peter Obi have said that he and all his supporters are not leaving the party as was expected by some politicians.

He said the labour party is like every other political party that can have internal issues which is not a crime.

In his words, he said; "There is no political party in the world that doesn't have an internal issue" 

What matters most is how fast these issues are resolved for the good of the party and its members so therefore the labour party is not to be seen different. 

As a political party everybody must not accept to fly on a decision taken by the party but the issues

Mr Peter Obi
Presidential Candidate
Labour Party 

can be resolved. 

Labour party has come to stay no matter what anybody thinks.

The politics of Nigeria have experienced so much change when we used the labour party platform and we shall continue to remain members of the party to scatter the criminal activities in our political arena and elections because this is a major problem that the nation is facing leading to poor economic policies and high level of poverty in the land. 

Peter Obi said the people causing all the problems in Nigeria are not more than five mission persons put together which is not up to the numbers of good people Nigeria has today. So therefore the good people in Nigeria can override the numbers of the bad ones if we can continue to be of good behavior in carrying out our duties as citizens of our dear nation.

Peter Obi also talked about how the obidient movement must be restructured so they can be much note effected in the mobilisation of the people towards good governance and respect for the rule of law.

Peter Obi asked the Obidient movement members to stay away from the attack of persons in politics, using the national chairman of the labour party Barrister Julius Abure as an example.

In his words, "We must give respect to those who deserve it, Julius Abure is our chairman and we must not be seen using wrong and abusive words on him or anyone in particular" he is our chairman and must be accorded respect and honor so that we too can be honoured and respected when power rolls to our side in the future.

Barrister Julius Abure
National Chairman
Labour Party Nigeria

We shall work with the leadership of Barrister Julius Abure, the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress nlc, the TUC and all Civil Society Organisations across Nigeria to continue building the labour until we dismantle the criminal cartel in our political arena and elections. 

We are members of the labour party and will do everything we can to talk with everyone on how we can be a family and move forward.

Labour is our party and we will do everything we can to help move it forward. 

In his words, Peter Obi said; "We are members of the labour party and we shall not abandon it for no reason, all these issues are arising because of me, the enemies of Nigeria are the ones fueling the problem so that we won't be able to build and rebuild a solid house ahead of the 2027 general  elections"

With this nothing tells you anything more than to say they have failed on arrival.

Barrister Olumide Akpata
Labour Party Edo state
  Governorship Candidate.       

Let us all come together to save Nigeria by uniting ahead of all these issues so that our enemies will know that their time is up. 

We shall rebuild our nation and nothing will stop us now. 

For you my Obidient people worldwide I say a big thank you for finding time to come out on election day to vote for me and the labour party.

We won that elections and you must look back to that same action not relenting to repeat even more when the time arises come 2027 if God is willing.

We have dome well as a people already a and we shall do more to capture power for the good of our people. 

Democracy is all about the people and without the people it doesn't make sense. 

We did it in 2023 and we shall do better come 2027 because if we don't allow the right thing to be done now it will affect the nation in time.

Peter Gregory Obi

And on the issues of the Edo state governorship election peter Obin asked the Obidient movement to come all out to support barrister olumide akpata to become the 2024 governor so that the Edo state people can be able to enjoy the same good governance that the Abia state people have started enjoying today with Governor Alex Otti so far.

Dr Alex Otto
Abia state Governor

As members of the Obidient Movement and again the labour party, we must make sure that everything we do reflects good character and positive behavior both on social media space and in the public. 

We must stop name calling so that we don't grow a generation of people who just insult people on issues of allegations without any evidence.

On the issues of people said to have taken money belonging to the campaign, I will say we shall not go ahead with any audit again because anything that will cause more issues will not be given the opportunity to continue. 

We rather spend more time in correcting our mistakes so we can do more in creating policies for the opportunities needed in rebuilding our education sector so that our children can get out of the streets to be reformed. 

We have up to five million out of school children with a high number of them in the northern part of Nigeria and we have taken it upon ourselves to find lasting solutions to the issue.

Finally I ask you all to come together as a family so we can move our nation forward for the good of our people.

Nigeria must change for good and that good must come from you the people. 

The people of Senegal have done a good job by electing a young person as their President and that is a practical start off for that country. This is the same time we must start doing in Nigeria. We must see other nations doing the best they can to move their nation forward. We too a s a people must do the same to grow a new Nigeria of our dreams.

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