OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Wednesday 1 May 2019

The Female Gang Up in Kogi, Another PDP Underground Missile Building Stronger”

“The Female Gang Up in Kogi, Another PDP Underground Missile Building Stronger”
Written by: Barry Avotu Johnson 1st (08174493381)
Having extended our research values to dipping out who amongst the opposition that can square bello in  the forthcoming kogi state governorship elections under the PDP come November, we discovered that the PDP still has a lot of explosives to be used in the battle with APC apart from the angle of old and new comers politicians shuttling their romance with the people even before the party primary elections.
We have see a situation where the PDP in kogi is in a serious shopping confusion at the moment to phantom which particular formula could be used against bello.
PDP is said to have hired political experts who have been players in the Nigerian political sector for close to 30 years to help them figure out a solid pattern that can get them back to power.
Information reaching us as at press time was that the consultations have been on for the past two years without results because the style of governance pulled out by the bello administration with men like Edward Onoja have been so distorting that one wouldn’t even understand the way to get the government pinned down in terms of any allegations so far. Although some PDP members are saying that they have a hundred ways to get bello out of power that it will be unveiled as son as Inec releases the election time table for the election. The time table been out for weeks now and we have seen nothing about how the PDP wants to replace the white lion as he’s roundly addressed by supporters across the state.
But the political drama so far in the state is said to be nosing out a solid pattern where the PDP will push forward people who everyone would be suppressed at. We sorted the formula out last weekend when we gave an exclusive interview to some prominent PDP senior members in the state.
The formula is said to be another PDP weapon that will ruggedly destroy APC finally for life in kogi state. And the weapon comes with the total acceptance of all indigenes of the state after an underground research was carried out some few months back.
The weapon of APC destruction is designed to bury every APC activities in the state with both the young and the old buying the idea in totality.
Kogi state is tired of fielding politicians who are I to politics as stodges of other godfathers bidding to keep running the state even when the people are not happy with the affairs of the state over the years.
Kogi state have suffered in the hands of men who ruled her since she was removed from the old kwara and Benue state. The people are happy with the men who were their governors overtime because the state can’t boost of any infrastructure apart from the state university built by late prince Audu and the lokoja stadium built by Ibrahim idris that the people have vowed to never support anymore if he presents any person for the position of governor.
The PDP is said to have started working on this new discovery political replacement formula for almost a year now and it has a lot of fighting at the beginning when the project proposal was put in the table by the crusaders of good governance who wished kogi state the very best in quality leadership using the PDP to achieving such a serious agenda.
The national NEC of the PDP is said also to be the ones trying to foot the bills of the agenda if its accepted by the players on the card box.
Even me that is writing this story today was so shocked to hear the formula to be an arrangement of females standing up for the PDP at the last minute for the governorship position.
Bello is said to be ready to face whosoever is brought on board by the PDP preferably awaiting for e PDP to make another mistake of fielding the very wrong candidate thereby providing him the opportunity to return with a smooth seal to the government house.
The PDP has a hot plans to field an all female candidacy for the forthcoming kogi governorship election  which shall play the capacity of strong women like the SDP’s Natasha who fought the governor to a standstill in the just concluded senatorial elections in the state.
Some quarters are also saying that the PDP is drafting into the game a former first lady of the state in person of Aisha Audu who was one of the wives of most feared political fire brand late Prince Abubakar Audu who almost became the political weapon of the kogi state politics.
Another female heroine said to be getting ready to present herself to the battle is the wife of former governor Idris Wada whom the kogi people said had a charismatic attitude of even been a first lady of kogi because very few of her was seen when she was the states first lady for four years. But slot of her lovers and supporters say her influences rocks the walls of the IBB golf courts where she holds sway as a golfer who pots imaginary balls into disappearing holes seen only by herself in the field of play. Although they say she didn’t do more as first lady because governor Idris Wada didn’t provide her much opportunity to act, with less funds for her pet projects and so on.
Another amazon said to be talked into the all female gang up against the APC in kogi state for the November governorship elections is an all new comer the party is willing to drag I to the action if confirmed by the NEC of the party if the female gang up deal is finally the sealed. Her name is only mentioned at entertainment events across the state as a huge kogi state entertainment guru who plays her trade in the entertainment tourism sector, paid every she had to sell the state to the world without looking at the political implication of what she’s doing. Her name is Hajia Mariam Indira Emeje from Anyigba, she’s the co host of the most responsive entertainment carnival in north central NIGERIA.
She’s done a lot to advertise the state to the world by putting up events that can have mobilized the largest youth crowd in kogi state so far. Her events in all its hosting gathered almost 200,000 youths from kogi east alone for the Igala youth carnival for the two times it has been hosted so far.
Hajia Madira as she’s roundly called by the youths who show her so much support for the yearly event, is not a politician at anytime but is said to be among the list of kogi state Amazon’s needed for the action plan arrangement that will stand for the people if agreed to participate.
She’s born entertainment tigress that every state governor should be proud to have around because she’s much more a very dangerous event weapon that can be retuned into a political machinery that can knock off whosoever from the political arena. I don’t think Madira will accept to work with the PDP in this agenda although we don’t have a clue of what party she belongs to as she is not seen in talks with any political group for now.
And finally, the PDP all female gang up will also see strong women like the national women leader of the party stepping aside to contest for this prestigious kogi state governorship position all in the name of finding a replacement for governor bello by all means.
A lot of persons think its not possible to have a national officer of a ruling party step down to become a governorship candidate in a state like kogi where nothing have said to have ever worked since it became a state of itself. It is not true, we have seen a lot of politicians leaving their political parties for opposition party to contest and win elections over the years across Nigeria even in the 2019 general elections.
Politics is all about interest and politics they said it local. And it is this its been local nature that can make a politician fall off his or her party to join the opposition to contest elections and win or even fail at the end. A typical example in the just concluded elections is former governor of AKWA Ibom state Senator Godswill Apkabio, he left PDP and joined the APC and lost distractingly like no one before. That decision have destroyed his political career for life in his state. He finished himself by himself as he moved into the ruling party at the wrongness of all times. We saw also governor Waziri Tumbuwal of sokoto state who drafted himself into the opposition party the PDP and won the election to return as the governor which in most case should have been the deepest political pit for anyone.
So in this case, the APC woman leader can move into the PDP as a chance of been the first democratically election female governor of kogi state. Politics in NIGERIA is a very dangerous game because it is said that the more you see the less you understanding. Politicians you see today as members of PDP can contest elections tomorrow in the ruling party not withstanding the rules and regulations that governs our political parties.
Nigerian political parties are said to be the lawless political organisations in the world where a member can misbehave without any call to order by the reckless leadership as far as you are not in their black books. We saw what goes on in the APC with comrade Adams Oshiomole as national chairman with troubled governor/senator Rochas Okorocha of IMO state who entered one chance with Adams as the APC national chairman.
With the way politics is played in NIGERIA we know that the PDP can do and undo when it comes to fielding a candidate for elections. And the all female gang up is another very sweet arrangement that can honestly work out as far as it is backed up with the right candidates at the end of the day. For example, if we play the PDP joker cards of the SDP’s Natasha as the PDP governorship candidate running from the same zone with Bello with any of the Amazon’s  like Hajia Aisha Audu who stills remains a formidable strong weapon that supported her husband to victory in past years. At least the battle will be very strong as all the Igala women will file out to support a lady deputy governor coming from their area to discharge Bello.
Another person to look up in this contest of all female gang up is Hajia Ladi Wada who is said to be in control of almost all the house wives in kogi east as a fellow wife too who was in power and spent half of the time at home as a house wife thereby have very little on her name as kogi first lady.
We should look at the massive force that the entertainment sector brought into our politics over the years, the influence of a musician in the candidacy of a chosen political party will always add up to whatever the political party carries.
But in the case of a Davido who publicly show support for the PDP in past campaigns and the results rolls into so much supports from his fans across the nation for that particular party and its candidates. This is the same influence that will spring up when huge entertainment gurus like Hajia Mariam Indira agrees to join the all female gang up to capture political power IN A state like kogi.
Politics has a lot to do with entertain so she will be a sweet fission with any candidate be it from the PDP or the APC respectively. Just image all her Igala youths carnival supporters coming out like flies to vote for her candidacy ether as a governorship or deputy governorship candidate. She’s very hard nuts to crack if provided the political funds and protection to run in this contest.
She has the strong influence so far because of the political and entertainment influence that would come up with her personality in the race.
Honestly we should also look up a personality of the APC woman leader also as an igala personality. The kogi east will only come out to support her as a candidate in the elections and not as a national woman leader who is not financially obligated to carter for the people of her zone as a national officer.
She can move a better force as a national women leader if given the opportunity to star as a candidate in the all female gang up against her own party at the end of the day like the Waziri of sokoto state.
And if we also see it from the other side of the coin to say that the SDP Natasha should help reduce whatever votes that bello is expected to get from his homeland, she runs as a deputy governorship candidate to an eventual strong igala daughter in person of Hajia Mariam Indira Emeje or Hajia Aisha Audu.
With these political formation for an all female gang up the PDP would be able to stand the grounds to play out so much fore into the political arena during the November elections if this formula is finally approved.
But on the other hand, will Bello sit down and look? Will the Bello political camp not work out ways to scatter whatever joker card placed on the table for the people by the PDP?
PDP is as well strong as the APC in kogi state and it is very certain that this November governorship election will be the hardest governorship election for the kogi people and if the people makes the mistake of voting into power a wrong personality the state will have to suffer for another four years as it is said to be suffering at the moment with a situation of no jobs for the youths, no loans for market women to trade, infrastructural development and no basic amenities available for the people of the state.
All these and more have been the rolling issues that the bello administration discovered that they inherited and are working day and night to change for the people.
The bello government has said it time without number that they took power and saw a devastated state where the previous governments have destroyed the foundation of the states economic walls and have to start all over from the foundations to provide the people with a positively working economy. And it needed enough time to do the needful for the good of the people. While at the other hand the pdp is saying the bello administration is the mist confused government with no direction at all. The PDP always accuses the APC as a dead political party with dead elements who don’t understand the difference between the politics and policies of governance.
Before I decided to look into doing this story I talked with a lot of PDP stockholders in the state on the all female gang up formula and a lot of them even said these females are better placed than the older political experts who are still nursing with speculations and those who have declared for this governorship contest. They are better and a more quality candidates than the men who will always use money to buy up the delegates that will be the voters.
It is said in the pdp that the likes of senator Nicolas UGBANE who had feasted in power with just one tenor of been a senator, Engineer Musa Wada who’s bleaching hot with local consultations with the people to ether resign from his government job to dig it tight with whosoever decides to contest, Dr Joe Enrico, a lonely musketeer with nothing to bank on as a contender, Dr Omede, the association metaphor riding on the backs of his personality as a credible candidate and even the former governors son Abubakar Ibrahim Idris, who a lot of people say won’t be nothing more unlike his father because the going which says like father like son, do not have the local connect and influence to march these strong and formidable female political force if the ball is left open without money to battle for leadership.
Most people will just be on the pages of facebook to say they are aspiring to be governor of kogi state. Mind you the election of governor in any state is the most hardest of all elections and shouldn’t be a thing of just social media alone.
It should be a thing of local, national and even international consultation where stockholders take the final decisions to stand with a final candidacy and they all push out their machinery to make it a reality at the end. One man can not just wake up and say I want to be kogi governor and will be pushing it solely on social media. The underground work is the most interesting of all. And surely its the most important too.
In future terms, we are going to be looking through a lot of issues affecting the future of our state so we appeal to all kogi sons and daughters to wait for the ball on be played to their arena and when the ball comes to you, please we beg you to accept how hot or cool it touches to you, we are doing all these and More for the good of our dear state. We are not in any way holding brief for whosoever.
All we want is the good of kogi state and surely kogi state must be great again.
We all must stand up to support kogi state as we move towards choosing who will become our 2019 governor. If its Bello that the people will return to power or the people will vote another person to replace him remains in the hands of God almighty but still, we pray that the best will be our governor. Be him or her, we don’t know. All we know is that God is in total control no matter what any man does he or she can never stop the hand of God from putting the right person as governor of kogi state 2019.

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