OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Friday 6 May 2016



Pictures showing how Boko haram killed people across Northern Nigeria
And how the world is responding to the killings on international media
How they carried away the Chibok Girls and the warning to the Nigeria Government
The movie is about a Senator who rose from an ordinary young man into a big political heavy weight who decided to contribute towards the development of a bastardized nation.
The story is designed to display all the 37 FGNI 2016 contestants, the master of ceremony and the BTVNigeria Democracy man of the year award winners as the case study
One moody morning an Abuja, there lived a group a group of females student who rented an apartment and decided to stay there as sister
So one day one of the girls called Amaka made up her mind to give herself to fight a major cause that will help change the minds of Nigerians from the weak understanding of nation building and upgrade a heart for the love for nation.
But unfortunately for her the bad guys who always make gains from wrong doings of Nigerians got hold of the information and decided to stop her from succeeding.
She will surely succeed but will be brutally dealt with to the extent of losing a arm in the struggle to educate Nigerians on our demonstrative right as citizen.
: Seating in the living room with other roommates dancing to a reigning song, while some others just lay around making phone calls and watching others doing things:
AMAKA: I wonder what king of a nation we are today.
With all the killings of Boko haram in the North east, some people don’t care.
Look at the way you people are just enjoying yourselves all around the place.
AMINA: Please my friends don’t disturb us oh, if we are happy it shouldn’t be a crime naa.
As far as we are not ones that have caused the killings.
ADA: Moreover they say Boko haram is a politically motivated arrangement to destabilize government from providing basic Amenities for us the citizen of Nigerian.
JOY: Some say it’s a religious matter oh
CHARITY: I don’t believe so please. The major cause of all this killing by Boko haram is politics.
So you people should stop the dancing and tune to the AIT or Channels and let’s see what going on in our Country.
I just had a call that Boko haram had killed 205 people in Gombe State. They say the bomb exploded in a jumat Friday service, killing the iman and bomber on the spot.
CROWD: : Oh my God of heaven:
: As they tune to AIT, as the reporter talks about the incidence of how killing were planned:
: Another bomb explosion took place in the area where the girls rented their house, and this made everyone fall for cover:
: There was a total blackout. And every of the girls were on the floor hours trying to find out what happened and what to do next:
Amaka: I will write a democracy book about Nigeria as my contribution to the ending of this Boko haram killings.
I believe that anyone who is educated on the low down on the system of governance we operate in Nigeria.
There will be a loser way out of this problem if a man is well educated on the democracy that we operate, they will understand what dialogue can do to stop whatever that is happening today.
ADA: But my friend if you finish writing how DO we get it to every citizen to read and agree to adhere to what the option is at this point.
AMINA: While, it’s not a bad ideal but the major issue now is the man we can trust to help us out.
CHARITY: Sorry Oh, I think I will nominate someone in the national assembly that can work with us to make the book an approved academic syllabus in Nigeria.
And with this approval, every Nigerian who passes through our post Primary School would be able to get basic information on democracy and electoral words, processes and activities.
ADA: That’s a good one my girl, we have gotten a way out of this hell now. But who that person is, is what we should hear first so that we wouldn’t be making the biggest mistake of our lives.
AMAKA: It’s true oh, writing the book is not a problem the major issue here is who will help us work it in the National Assembly.
So Charity who is the person you are trying to nominate as our loyal helper to redeem Nigeria because that place called National assembly is full of…. in fact, you know… haa, let me not just talk… most of them there are just there to find bread for themselves oh.
ADA: No please don’t talk like that oh, we still have some good and quality legislators in Nigeria, and they can make up with any other anywhere around the world.
CHARITY: You see, what I think about our legislator is that, they are loud doing the job that’s why people think they are corrupt.
You know the game called Lobby and corruption are very alike to each other. They have some similar terms they share. Legislation is all about lobby and when you want your own word to count in the congress you must make sure that you must have lobbied enough legislators to support you when you push in your bill, which must enter first and second reading with the support of your Co- legislators.
Most times the style of lobbying might look or sound corrupt because they use money sometimes to push a bill and this is the character all over the world.
There’s nothing anybody can do about it not even the United Nations or America can be free from it. America and the UN even pay higher than any country or organization for information leading to a successful bargain in the lobby system.
AMAKA: Please it’s okay oh.
We are about to beat time, we have to decide on who in the National Assembly can do this job for us; moreover that legislator must be clean. You all understand what it means to be clean in the National Assembly.
AMINA: I don’t think you can ever get anyone from there oh. If the criteria’s is for the person to be clean.
ASABE: Please don’t talk like that, I have an uncle who is a Senator and he’s very clean. I want you to nominate him.
AMAKA: Please who’s he, what’s his name.
ASABE: He’s name is Senator Ibrahim a former Governor.
: All the girls boosted in to laughter’s:
AMINA: No please oh, he’s not clean at all. He’s only interested in marrying 11years old under aged children in the name of religion.
Please let’s make another choice.
: All the girls shouted again and again… please oh we don’t want him; He’s not qualified at all; as End their statements with group laughter all the way:
AMAKA: Ok, ok, ok, everyone shut up please.
I want Amina to nominate please.
AMINA: Ok if you ask me to do so, let’s go
I nominate……… ………………eh………………;
: As she reads from a newspapers about a Senator who served as a former Reps member, did very well and his people had ask him to run for senate, the election had been cancelled for a petition reason and was preparing for a rerun.
: Am nominating Senator Mao Ohaubunwa please :
: All the shouted again:
: Who is he oh, with a candle fire of laughter all along?
AMAKA: Ok girls, please its ok, let’s hear her out. Why are you nominating Senator Mao.
NKECHI: Please when you call a Senator in Nigeria make sure you put distinguish with it oh or else they won’t answer you at all.
: The girls shouted again or else’s what:
: Abeg for Senator Mao abi na wetin self!
AMAKA: Hi please forgive me please, it’s a mistake, let me do it right joor am not like you girls, distinguish Senator Mao Ohaubunawa, why did you choose him to run this for us.
AMINA: This I my reasons.
: As she hands over the newspaper to Amaka and the paper starts travelling from one girl to the other with great modes of the head indirectly showing that he’s the best man for the job.
AMAKA: If you want him to be the man for this job says I,
: All the girls shouted, I with a great laughter:
AMAKA: As your Senate President in this house, I will say: carrying a coke bottle and hitting it on the table to make a load sound: the I’s have it………….
: Showing Amaka doing the write up all night with sweat all over her face and papers all over the room.
: Even with no light, she uses candle and when the candle went out she started using her phone lights:
: Amaka went up with the authority of all to take the script to the printer for production:
: In the printing press:
: The printer’s boy calls up another bad boss:
ADAMU: Sir there’s a book here written to spoil business for us oh.
BOSS: Ok, what book to that please.
ADAMU: It’s called democracy in a demonstrate Nigeria Sir.
BOSS: Democracy in a democratic what?
ADAMU: I say Nigeria Sir.
BOSS: So what does that got to do with us?
ADAMU: If this book comes out, it will make Nigerians understand all about democracy and people will know their rights and privileges as citizens of Nigeria and you know it will not be business as usual for us again.
BOSS: It’s true oh. For the first time in your life you have said the best thing to me.
ADAMU: Thank you very much Sir,
BOSS: Good, you block head, make sure you follow the delivery of the book, let’s see where it’s going and we take it up from there, hope you get it.
ADAMU: Yes sir, it will be done as you say sir, all correct sir.
: The printer finished and went to deliver the book to Amaka in her house where the other girls are waiting endlessly:
: A knock at the door:
AMAKA: Who’s that, please Cynthia, please go and get the door someone is there now. Am in the kitchen still cooking launch for the house.
CYNTHIA: Ok I will get it right now
CYNTHIA: Good afternoon, who do you want to see.
PRINTER JOHN: Ya, good afternoon, I have a package for Miss Amaka.
CYNTHIA: Ok, Amaka it’s a package for you oh.
: As Amaka responded from the kitchen as she makes her way to the door:
CYNTHIA: Please come inside, you are welcome; Amaka will be with you shortly
PRINTER JOHN: Thanks a lot
CYNTHIA: You are welcome sir.
AMAKA: Good day Mr John, hope you have finished to book oh.
PRINTER JOHN: Yes, I have and that’s why am here just to make sure you get it hand in hand.
I have so many comments already on the front cover of the book so I decided to do the delivery to myself.
AMAKA: Thank you so much Mr. John.
: As the printer delivers the book to Amak, the boss had sent his boys to monitor where the book will end up, so the boys stick around. And when they have a confirmation on the book destination they put a call to him on the book:
ADAMU: Sir, the book have been seen in the hands of one young girl in Wuse II area of Abuja, we are still trying to know what their first intention is after the delivery.
BOSS: Ok that’s a very good one; make sure you don’t allow it to move away from you please.
In fact I want to see the book.
Bring it right away as soon as you have it in your hands.
Nobody can ever take Nigeria from our hands, it was past to us by our fore fathers to our fathers and we must pass it down to our children too.
ADAMU: Ok, Sir, you will get it as soon as its possible master.
BOSS: Good to hear that, now go on and even if you have to kill one million people to get the book do it.
I promise to make sure the police are out of this ok.
Let me call the IG of police so he can tell his boys to stay off that area for now, please send me to address of that particular area so police will stay clear for your operations.
ADAMU: Ok boss, am loyal for life.
BOSS: That’s great my boy, carry on now and make sure you delivery the book.
: Picture clearly showing Adamu and Amaka or the street racing to get the book:
: Amaka move out of the house with four other girls with the book in a backpack:
: As soon as they get out on the streets the boys ask them to surrender book or die:
ADAMU: Young lady, am here to get the book from you without hurting you so hand it over pleases I advise you.
AMAKA: Which book are you talking about and who are you please.
ADAMU: who I be no matter right now, wetin matter naa the book oh,
Oga say make you give us the book now or naa die be that oh…………. No talk say we no tell you oh.
AMAKA: I don’t know who you are and what book you are referring too and more over who is your oga that asked you to just get a book from someone on the street.
ADAMU: Ok you still get mouth to talk abi.
: As he gave her a nice slap with a kick on the stomach:
: She falls to the ground crying in great pains as people passing and trying to show concern were threatened to stay away with a gun to rule;
: So everyone walks away by him or himself to avoid any fight from the boys who already got order to operate:
: Amaka get some strength straight after the girls with her helped her up the ground and she decided to run with the book for her dear life:
: The boys moved after Amaka while they caught one already who couldn’t move as fast as Amaka did:
: The two girls ran away with Amaka into the bush to hide and were watching their back at all times not to be caught by the Boys;
BOSS: Adamu am still waiting for the book oh.
ADAMU: but we have a small problem at hand on retaining the book from one Amaka girl who is at large now inside the bush.
BOSS: Please do you want more men to join you; I have lion and tiger right here with me doing nothing
ADAMU: Ok sir, it’s not a bad idea; let them meet us at the millennium pack in the center of maitima area.
We are right inside the bush gardens trying to locate the runaway girls with the book Sir.
BOSS: Ok, make sure you do a right job oh if you kill anyone of them do it clean, no traces please.
ADAMU: Ok, sir,
BOSS: Don’t do a dirty job like the ones you did for me some years ago, because till now we are still facing the embarrassment of the public and their families.
You help us shoot Harry Marshal, Bola Ige and others and left a trace. This time don’t leave any trace ok.
ADAMU: Am very sorry sir it won’t happen in this one like the others sir. Moreover you have added more values to my life now with the N50,Million you transferred to me plus the free jeep you sent Sir.
: The girls continued to run inside the bush; the boys caught one of the girls and decided to cut off her head as a warning to the others:
: The two girls kept running for their lives. While we still see the boys running hard after them in a bid to get the book:
Adamu: These girls are strong girls oh; see how they are running like men. Even Ben Johnson can’t run as fast as this.
Amaka: Get up let keep moving until we get to the main road where a lot of people can see us.
Cynthia: Ok, am tired and my leg is weak, it’s like it’s broken. Let us rest here please for sometimes.
: The girls ran into the road and the boys caught up with them and Amaka was on the floor live on stage:
Adamu: Laughter’s………… I promised not to hurt you if you hand over the book to me but you have refused.
Amaka: It’s not yours please let the book get to the Senator. It will help our country to understand democracy and its activities so we can practice it the right way.
Adamu: Shut your mouth you fool, what do you know about life, you are supposed to face your school or get married. Let only the strong men handle democracy ok.
Amaka: No please, democracy is for both men and women, we are all citizens of Nigeria. We have the right to know what is happening around our nation at all times.
Adamu: You are still talking right; you must be related to Madam Oby the former education minister who has been appointed as the new minister of chibok girls?
: As he cuts off her hands and promised to kill her if she doesn’t give him the book now:
Amaka: Cynthia, take, run and make sure senator gets the book. Now Nigeria must change for the better. Go……….. Go………… now.
Cynthia: Am not a fighter, but this the time for us all from the north, south, east and west to stand strong for Nigeria. So we can all move to our promise land
:As the killer moves to finish the killing of Amaka, he gets a broken bottle on his head which made him fainted on the spot while Cynthia calls the DSS to arrest him and takes him away:
Cynthia: We have all been scattered all over the place, I don’t even know where the other girls are now, Amaka is gone, oh my God, all because of the democracy book. Sacrilege! Sacrifice!
All for my fatherland Nigeria.
Senator Mao, pls, don’t let Nigeria down, the baton is in your hands now….
: The Dss comes live on stage with the criminal boys beating and calling him names:
DSS 1: who sent you to get the book?
Adamu: Am sorry sir.
DSS 2: I say who sent you; you say you are sorry sir,
DSS 3: imagine oh, a book Nigerians have been waiting for?
You that say you want stop right. It must get to the people no matter what the case may be; we in the DSS must join hands with the citizens to build Nigeria greater again.
Adamu: I will confess, please don’t kill me, I will say the truth I’m not into all this, sir am a talented artiste. I have also done a lot to build Nigeria in the past, it’s just that the government refused to provide jobs, educate, roads, electricity and hospitals for the people so I decided to join them in doing this sir.
DSS 1: before you confess, please take off that your mask so we can even see your face and know who you are.
Adamu! Ok Sir.
: Adamu removes the mask on his face siting on the ground and still asking for forgiveness and promising to expose all the big men politicians in Nigeria who had given him jobs of killing since 1999 when Democracy returned to Nigeria:
Adamu: I promise to tell everything I know about all of them, they are all together. They are reporting to one same leader, they are in different parties both the PDP and the APC. Some are reps members, senators, ministers and even Governors too. They kill a father, mother & children all for the sake of power
DSS 2: shut your mouth; are you not the ones they are using in carrying out the killings?
Idiot you are here talking nonsense now abi.
Adamu: Sir, please if you permit me to say a word, I will tell you that even some of you in the DSS are inside too.
Like the guns we use are supplied to us on hire by your DSS men.
DSS 1: you are mad oh, will you shut your mouth and move!
Adamu: sir forget this thing oh, all of us are in this together one way or the other. Ok let me be please, am not going with you again.
Please let me be, I know my right pls let me call my lawyer.
DSS 3: ok, call him tell him to meet us at our maitama office now.
Adamu: sir, good evening Barrister, I want to talk to barrister Festus Keyamo, ok no, olise Agbakoba, if he’s not on seat please tell Falana and Gani Fayomi to please come to the DSS office to meet me now if not they wll finish me oh, they won’t let me confess.
They are embarrassing me here oh.
DSS 1: shut up and let’s move now
Adamu: sir hope you know you are assaulting my person by pushing me beyond my wall
You are causing a holla ballo of my fundamental human right oh.
DSS 1: let’s go please
When we get there you will tell them what you know about the Democracy book…..
Oya lets go …. Move …move
: In a later development in 2017….
Amara was buried and her name immortalized as A Democracy Ambassador in Africa
: All the surviving girls were treated and given scholarship to finish their university education with a special job waiting for them at the United Nations (UN).
: Adamu was jailed for 25 years in prison for killing and aiding and abetting:
: The Boss and other bosses were all brought to book; their properties confiscated by the Federal Government and sentence to 50 years and some life in prison for committing a genocide against Nigeria’s Democracy since 1999…
: And senator Mao Awarded as the Btv Nigerian Democracy man of the Year for moving the Democracy in a Democratic Nigeria book into the senate as a bill which later entered 1st, 2nd reading and finally became a law in Nigeria as an academic educational material syllabus for students in jss

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