OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Tuesday 17 March 2015

/ Founder Queen of Aso Nigeria
                                          Mr Valentine Organizer of Face of Unity Nigeria Pageant
                                          current Poppan National Secretary General and a Blogger friend.
                                                     Mr Men Murray Bruce / Founder of MBGN
                                                     / Life Patron of Poppan

                                          Chief Femi Fani Kayode / Publicity Secretary of the
                                          PDP Presidential Campaign Organization and 2014
                                          Face of Democracy Queen

                                           Mr. Barry Avotu Johnson 1st / founder of Finest Girl
                                           Pageant Organization Worldwide / Poppan Board of
                                           Trustees Chairman / National Coordinating Secretary
                                          Poppan Official Logo


Nigeria’s beauty pageant official regulatory institution and its practitioners have taken the right step in the right direction as they hold a national stockholders meeting to appoint their first ever executive secretary to run the affairs of the highest authority body in beauty pageantry in Nigeria.

The POPPAN members took the unanimous decision to appoint the national executive council members to run the affairs of the association because the industry is on the position of redefining the rules and regulations of the activities of beauty pageantry in Nigeria which is fast becoming a hiding place for every individual who has little funds and no experience but admires to invest in entertainment around Nigeria.

They started with serious consultations amongst members representing different beauty pageant organizations in Nigeria with many years of experience. 

They grouped and brain stormed and in four 4 hours time the meeting was reconvened into a bigger house where speeches were made by each representatives of all the pageants in session. 

At the end of the day the national executive council members were appointed as the POPPAN pageant organizers to oversee the activities of the organization  without any objection from every other member, it was a powerful deliberations with responsible pageant executives who decided to move the pageantry industry in Nigeria to the next level.

On the list of appointees were Barry Avotu Johnson 1st who is the founder and organizer of all finest girl pageants in Nigeria and all over the world. 

He’s also a former staff of daar communications owners of Ait and Raypower radio and tv stations nationwide.

other notable pageant organizers at the POPPAN stockholders meetings were respected chief organizers like Desmond Abgoola the organizer of the Queen of Aso Nigeria pageant who is celebrating its 10th year anniversary on the 14th of march with a novelty march organized for beauty queens and female media practitioners in Nigeria, Sammy Ebulu the organizer of one of the most respected pageants in the federal capital territory of Nigeria Miss fct Nigeria, Alexandra Ajagbono the organizer of another government responding pageant called the Face of Democracy Nigeria with only two editions but its activities sounds like it’s a six 6 years event, John Tegga the ceo of Nigeria’s competing males pageant Mr Earth Nigeria and the newest pageant called Miss Planet Nigeria pageant, Success Kolade the founder of the most prestigious raising beauty in the south west of Nigeria doing very greatly in all ramifications.

POPPAN had as many pageant representatives who attended the stockholders meeting to appoint the executive secretary and their list are as follows.

Miss benue, miss Kaduna, miss lagos, miss edo, miss enugu, calabar carnival queen, benue carnival queen, queen of trust Nigeria, face of edo, face of Abuja, face of idoma, queen one nation, fgni, fgdn, fgtn, mbgn, cross river most beautiful girl pageant, finest girl edo, finest girl delta, queen delta, queen Nigeria, miss charity ambassador, miss goodwell ambassador, most beautiful girl in benue, most beautiful girl in edo, miss taraba pageant, miss tiv, face of tiv, miss idoma, face of unity Nigeria, miss valentine Nigeria pageant, mis brass pageant, miss hot legs and most beautiful girl in jos.   

Some of the poppan executive secretary’s mandate is to open the association for general membership registration and adopt the international laws guiding the activities of pageants worldwide. And from registration of new members the secretary shall be providing members the privileges of been supported by the association in the areas of hosting pageant events coupled with special packaging and practitioners support scheme so the industry can be on an international scale.   

The national executive council members were appointed to also oversee the overall activities of POPPAN events and other activities regardless to whatever issue is on ground.

The POPPAN association made public that the association is supreme to every other member affiliated to it and its decision must be taken as the final word in terms of disputes and decision making. 

No member can ever be bigger than the association. 

Everyone must respect the final decision taken by the POPPAN authority no matter what the situation may be. And the POPPAN slogan is, we stand in unity. 

In response like an acceptance speech after the appointment was announced to the general public Mr Desmond Agboola representing all the national executive members thanked all the members present and those who couldn’t make it to the meeting because it was an urgent meeting to decide the way forward for our industry, he further asked the members to also give a supporting hands so that the job would be a thing of everyone and that make it will grow faster because its every members business to see to the growth of the association, he appealed to everyone to put the association first and see how great its activities would be like. 

Most great associations all over the world pay some sacrifices of human resources, time and finance to get it started up to where they are today so the same is expected from everyone so we can be a progress on ground to protect, promote and propagate our beauty pageant industry forward for the betterment of all pageant organizers and practitioners in Nigeria.


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