OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Friday 21 November 2014

FFK calls Governor Amaechi pot bellied

FFK calls Governor Amaechi pot bellied, house boy, monkey and cultist

In a post titled The Pot-bellied Creek Haramite And His Direct Threat, which he posted on Facebook, former Aviation minister Femi Fani Kayode slammed River State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, calling him a cultist, house boy and monkey. These our leaders have no chill What he wrote below..
''If the PDP rig the election in 2015 we will not go to court and we will make the country ungovernable. We will form a parallel government and there will be anarchy''- Governor Rotimi Amaechi.
It is time for the President to take off the kid gloves and put this pot-bellied little monkey in his place. Once a houseboy, always a houseboy. Once a cult member always a cult member. Once a peasant, always a peasant.
But why are our leaders saying stuff like this? That there will be anarchy in this country? Continue...

If Rotimi and his Haramite friends are looking for trouble then we should give it to them in full measure. It would be a pleasure. Anytime a cockroach shows it's head it ought to be crushed.
Treason is a very serious business and the brazen attempt to incite others to destroy our country, make it ungovernable and kill our people is even more serious. Have they and their Haramite army and secret military wing not killed enough people already in the last 3 years?
Whichever way they wish to play it and whatever they want to do we are ready for them this time. It will not be a one way slaughter anymore. If they kill our people after they lose in 2015 there will be swift, decisive and severe consequences.
Let this young man Rotimi and those that are using him prepare himself for the consequences of their madness. In 2010 they told the world that they would make Nigeria ''ungovernable'' if they lost the 2011 election and since then Nigeria has not known peace. Now they are saying it again. This time around our reaction will not be passive.
The only way you can fight madness is with an equal measure of madness. The only way you can defeat a bully is by mustering the resolve to face him down. The only way you can defeat a terrorist who delights in shedding blood is to visit him with a much higher level of violence and terror.
They will not kill our people and get away with it anymore. From now on it will be blood for blood. It will be an eye for an eye and it will be a tooth for a tooth. May God help us all.

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