OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Fayose Taking Ekiti Back To The Days Of State-Sponsored Terrorism, Femi Falana Says

Femi Falana (SAN), Lagos lawyer, has said that given the recent events plaguing Ekiti State in connection with Ekiti State governor-elect Ayo Fayose, many indigenes of Ekiti State will go on exile as soon as Fayose assumes office.
Femi Falana (SAN) “It is clear that the people have been taken back to the era of state-sponsored terrorism. Already, rival drivers’ unions and urchins are unleashing mayhem on innocent people, including judges and judiciary workers," Falana said.
Fayose, winner of the June 21 governorship election in Ekiti, will be sworn in next week in Ekiti, on October 16.
Falana, originally from Ekiti State, warned the governor-elect that there also might be some economic implications to the growing crisis, saying “Fayose should be advised not to frustrate his own inauguration. I have some friends who have resolved to go on exile from Ekiti State for the next four years. The exodus of business and the elite will have adverse effect on the fragile economy of the state because no investor takes funds to any place where the rule of law is in abeyance.”
Falana encouraged Fayose to resolve the impending situation and work lawfully to find long-lasting solutions.
"Fayose owes himself a duty to turn away from violence because no leader can govern in an atmosphere of anarchy and chaos. He has to embrace the rule of law,” Falana finished.

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