OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

OBIDATT2023 Showdown Music Concert

Thursday 24 April 2014

who will survive if p square breaks up. we cant wait

The last may not have been heard of the widely reported crisis rocking the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as P-Square, as the telecommunications giant, Globalcom Nigeria Limited may be forced to review its four-year contract with the pop twins.psquare-split
A source close to the telecoms operator told Vanguard yesterday on telephone that Glo may terminate the endorsement deal, which it has with the pop twins since 2010, should they go ahead with the break-up.
According to the source, the telecoms giant entered into a contract with P-Square and not with any of the twins.
“Since Glo has a contract with P-Square, and not with Peter or Paul, their breakup will definitely lead to the termination of the contract,” the source explained.
Meanwhile, when Vanguard visited the Squareville residence of the pop twins at Lola Holloway Street, Omole Phase 1, Lagos, the place was a shadow of its old self.
Calmness and silence pervaded the vicinity, even as cars were seen parked outside the compound, indicating that there were people inside the house.
Paul prays
One of the twins, Paul Okoye took to his Facebook page yesterday to express his concern over the ongoing face-off between him and his twin brother.
“After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention,” he wrote.
Also, popular R ‘n B musician, Djinee, while reacting to the alleged breakup, expressed optimism that their differences would be resolved as soon as possible.
He said: “If these rumours are true, I will see it as a typical African family feud. I pray they resolve their differences as soon as possible. People shouldn’t make things worse by peddling unfounded rumors.”
Reacting in the same vein, concerned fans of P-Square attacked Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola, accusing her of being responsible for the alleged breakup of the duo. But Lola has fired back at her accusers, saying “I think silence is the best answer.”
Toni’s pain
Moreover, a friend of the twins and ex-wife of hip-hop star, 9ice, Toni Payne, has taken side with the wives, saying people have wrongly blamed them for being the cause of the breakup.
Writing on her Twitter handle, Toni Payne said, fans have been unfair to the wives of the pop twins. She wrote: “Call me a feminist, but I will always stand in solidarity with any woman that is being wrongly accused. That will not change anytime soon.
“I had to fight for my freedom. I fell into depression and lost half my body weight. They wanted to kill me; they don’t care about the damage they do to you.”
With arguments almost always frequent in the duo’s lives, there have been increased call for the rumour mill to leave their wives, Lola and Anita, out of the fracas.
Paul and Peter have indicated in several interviews in the past that arguments have always been part of their lives.
The twins argue every time an album is close; with intense debates on which song goes in or out. They faced similar problem in 2005 with their Get Squared album and in 2007 with the highly successful Game Over album. Danger, 2009 and Invasion, 2011 were not different.
This latest disagreement had intensified as the years rolled by with their individual talents of singing and dancing further pulling them apart. Peter wants to be identified as a singer as much as a dancer.
Jude, their elder brother, has however repeatedly dropped songs Peter has performed from making the final cut because he feels Paul’s songs would do better in the market.
Inside sources said this is the major reason Peter wants to opt out as he can no longer stand being just the ‘dancer’ in the group.
Sources also said that Peter had so protested that the videos of Alingo and Personally were shot to appease him.
In the videos, Peter is featured prominently as both a singer and dancer. Vanguard further learnt that Jude had planned to revert to the status-quo in their coming album with Paul doing the songs.
The decision put Peter in riot mode; forcing the group to stall the release of their sixth studio album whose fate is hanging in the balance.

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